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No1 Travel
Updated on 11 APRIL 2014
  • No1 Travel FUKUOKA
  • Philippene Airlines
Fukuoka to Manila DIRECT FLIGHT
  • Fly with KOREAN AIR
  • ONE WAY TICKET Flight From Japan
  • Asia
  • Beach
  • USA & Europe
  • Oceania
CALL US NOW!092-735-5545 Please call No1 Travel first!
  • We can not accept US Dollar.
  • All fares and details are subject to change without notice.
  • Your ticket Fare will be Fixed when you book.
  • There is a case when your Flight will be canceled, changed the date or route or using plane by the Airline Company.
  • If you make the reservation within 2 days before departure day, we will ask the urgent charge to you.
  • The special conditions will be applied to this type of ticket.Please ask your travel consultant about the detail.


Registered Travel Agency No.724 approved by Minister of Land, infrastructure, and Transport.Member of Japan Association of Travel Agents (JATA)