Across No.1 TRAVEL has been served for a foreign community in Japan for over 30 years!

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Contracts, Terms and Conditions

Our contracts, Terms and Conditions are in conformity with H.I.S. Co.,Ltd's contracts, Terms and Conditions. Please check the following before you make a payment and keep this file until your travel is completed.

Terms and Conditions for an Agent-Arranged Overseas Travel[PDF]
for an Agent-Organized Overseas Travel [PDF]
for an Agent-Arranged Overseas Travel (Japanese) [PDF]
for an Agent-Organized Domestic Travel (Japanese) [PDF]
Charge Chart for Travel Services Charge Chart for Travel Services (Japanese)[PDF]
Cancellation and change policy Economy class [PDF]
Business/First class [PDF]
*Please note that the above policy may depend on the ticket you book.
Conditions of contact and other important notice (IATA) Conditions of contact and other important notice(IATA) [PDF]

Important Notice

Registered Travel Agency No.724 approved by the Commissioner of Japan Tourism Agency.Member of Japan Association of Travel Agents(JATA)