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Payment of Fuel surcharges

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Recently, due to the rising price of oil and changes in domestic economies,several airline companies applied Ministry of Transportation for the authorization of fuel surcharge as an additional fee and it was approved. Fuel surcharge is an additional fee that differs from the air fare and which was approved under the condition that it shall apply to all passengers until the abnormal rising price of oil returns back to the normal level. Air fares and tour prices do not include fuel surcharges. The amount of fuel surcharge changes according to the destination and the airline company and it is going to be charged together with the air fares or tour prices. Furthermore, you cannot make cancellations by the reason of increasing fuel surcharges.


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    All the products using the airline companies applied and authorized for an increase of fuel surcharge. (Both air and tour fare)
  2. Related Airline companies and the amount of surcharge
    The amount of fuel surcharge changes according to the destination and the airline company, so detailed information is going to be given by our office you made the reservation.

*In the future also the amount is going to be charged for the airline companies which may apply and authorized for a revision of fuel surcharge.For the customers who have already paid the total amount please make the payment for the balance of fuel surcharge. We highly appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

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